Sylvie Quideau

Professor. Soil biogeochemistry

Phone: 780-492-5397
Department: Renewable Resources
Office: 3-40B Earth Sciences
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
3-40B Earth Sciences
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2E3

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Dr Quideau is a participant in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) program sponsored by NSERC CREATE.

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Recent Publications

MacKenzie, M.D. and S. A. Quideau. 2011. Laboratory based nitrogen mineralization and biogeochemistry of two soils used in Oilsands reclamation. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 91: 131-142.

Nelson, A.G., S. A. Quideau, B. Frick, D. Niziol, J. Clapperton and D. Spaner. 2011. Spring wheat genotypes differentially alter soil microbial communities and wheat breadmaking quality in organic and conventional systems. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 91: 485-495.

Nelson, A.G., S.A. Quideau, B. Frick, P.J. Hucl, D. Thavarajah, M.J. Clapperton, and D.M. Spaner. 2011. The soil microbial community and grain micronutrient concentration of historical and modern hard red spring wheat cultivars grown organically and conventionally in the Black soil zone of the Canadian prairies. Sustainability 3: 500-517.

Pinno, B.D., S.M. Landhäusser, M.D. MacKenzie, S.A. Quideau, And P.K. Chow. 2011. Trembling aspen seedling establishment, growth, and response to fertilization on contrasting soils used in Oilsands reclamation. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 91: 143-151.

Sorenson PT, Quideau SA, MacKenzie MD, Landhäusser SM & Oh SW 2011. Forest Floor Development and Biochemical Properties in Reconstructed Boreal Forest Soils. Applied Soil Ecology 49: 139– 147.

Turcotte, I., and S.A. Quideau. 2011. Phenolic profiles in natural and reconstructed soils from the Oil sands region of Alberta. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 91: 153-164.  

Allen, H.E., S.A. Quideau, R.C. Graham, S.-W. Oh, S.C. Sillett, and R.E. Wasylishen. 2010. Soil organic matter processes in old-growth redwood forest. Soil Science Society of America Journal 74: 161-171.

Card, S.M. and S.A. Quideau. 2010. Microbial community structure in restored riparian soils of the Canadian prairie pothole region. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 42: 1463-1471.

Card, S.M., S.A. Quideau, and S.-W. Oh. 2010. Carbon characteristics in restored and reference riparian soils. Soil Science Society of America Journal 74: 1834-1843.

Cobb, T.P., K.D. Hannam, B.E. Kishchuk, D. W. Langor, S.A. Quideau, and J.R. Spence. 2010. Wood-feeding beetles and soil nutrient cycling in burned forests: implications of post-fire salvage logging.  Agricultural and Forest Entomology 12: 9-18.

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Hemstock, S., S.A. Quideau, and D.S.  Chanasyk. 2010.  Nitrogen availability from peat amendments used in boreal oil sands reclamation. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 90: 165-175.

Norris, C., S.A. Quideau, J.S. Bhatti, and R.E. Wasylishen. 2010. Soil carbon stabilization in jack pine stands along the Boreal Forest Transect Case Study. Global Change Biology 17: 480-494.