Miles Dyck

Miles Dyck

Associate Professor

Phone: 780.492.2886
Department: Renewable Resources
Office: 338A Earth Sciences Building
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
773 General Services
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2H1

Research Area

Transport processes; transport of mass and energy in managed and reconstructed ecosystems.

Dr Dyck is a participant in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) program sponsored by NSERC CREATE.


  • Soil Physics (REN R 443)
  • Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture (REN R 450)

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Selected Publications

Christensen, A. F., H. He., M. F. Dyck, L. Turner, D. S. Chanasyk, M. A. Naeth, and C. Nichol. 2013.  In-situ measurement of snowmelt infiltration under various topsoil cap thicknesses on a reclaimed site.  Accepted for publication in Can. J. Soil Sci.

Woods, S. A., M. Dyck and R. G. Kachanoski.  2013.  Spatial and Temporal Variability of Soil Properties and Long-Term Solute Transport Under Semi-Arid Conditions. Can. J. Soil Sci. 93:173-191.

He, H. and M. F. Dyck. 2012. Application of multiphase dielectric mixing models for understanding the effective dielectric permittivity of frozen soils. Vadose Zone J. doi:10.2136/vzj2012.0060

Dyck, M. F., J. A. Robertson and D. Puurveen.  2012.  The University of Alberta Breton Plots.  Prairie Soils and Crops Journal 5:96-115.

Dyck, M. F. and R. G. Kachanoski. 2011. Scale-dependent covariance of soil physical properties above and below a soil horizon interface: Pedogenic versus anthropogenic influences on total porosity. Can. J. Soil Sci. 91:149-159.

Coppola, A., Comegna, A., Dragonetti, G., Dyck, M., Basile, A., Lamaddalena, N., Kassab, M., and Comegna, V. 2011. Solute transport scales in an unsaturated stony soil. Advances in Water Resources. 34:747-759.

Malhi, S. S., Nyborg, M., Solberg, Dyck, M. F., and Puurveen, D. 2011. Improving crop yield and and N uptake with long-term retention in two contrasting soil types.  Field Crops Research 124:378-391

Malhi, S. S., Nyborg, M., Solberg, E. D., McConkey, B., Dyck, M. and Puurveen, D. 2011. Long-term straw management and N fertilizer rate effects on quantity and quality of organic C and N and some chemical properties in two contrasting soils in Western Canada. Biol. Fert. Soils 47:785-800.

Dyck, M. F. and R. G. Kachanoski. 2010. Spatial scale-dependence of preferred flow domains during infiltration in a layered field soil. Vadose Zone J. 9:385-396

Wolken, J. M., S. M., Landhausser, V. J. Lieffers, and M. F. Dyck. 2010. Balsam poplar seedlings establish over a wider range of substrate types and conditions than aspen. Botany 88:275-285.

Wolken, J. M., P. V. Blenis and M. F. Dyck. 2009. Whole-tree water relations to western gall rust infected lodgepole pine trees. Canadian J. Plant. Pathol. In Press.

Dyck, M. F. and R. G. Kachanoski. 2009b. Measurement of steady-state soil water flux across a soil horizon interface. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 73: 1786-1795.

Dyck, M. F. and R. G. Kachanoski. 2009a. Measurement of transient soil water flux across a soil horizon interface. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 73:1604-1613.

Dyck, M. F., R. G. Kachanoski, and E. de Jong. 2005. Spatial variability of long-term chloride transport under semi-arid conditions: Pedon scale. Vadose Zone J. 4: 915-923.

Woods, S. A., R. G. Kachanoski, and M. F. Dyck. 2005. Long-term solute transport under semi-arid conditions: Pedon to field-scale. Vadose Zone J. 5: 365-376.

Dyck, M. F., R. G. Kachanoski, and E. deJong. 2003. Long-term movement of a chloride tracer under transient, semi-arid conditions. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 67: 471-477.

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Recent Awards

  • 2011-12 - ALES Teacher of the Year award, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences