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  1. Daniel Neuman

    Students endorse international learning experiences

    Stints volunteering, job shadowing deepened understanding and developed contacts

  2. Barb Thomas

    Feds provide major support for two ALES research programs

    Projects on tree breeding and human gut health are two of nine sharing $2 million in funding to the U of A

  3. Jonathan Cale

    Forest ecologists win NSERC grant to study how fungi restore pine forests

    Findings could result in pre-emptive strike against climate change

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In the News

  1. Why the pee of this animal smells like hot buttered popcorn

    National Geographic - U of A naturalist John Acorn comments on the citronella ant, a species that defends itself by spraying formic acid at would-be predators. Formic acid tastes and smells like citric acid, giving rise to a fresh, lemony scent

  2. Early spring no boon for plants and farmers

    St. Albert Gazette - St. Albert’s warm winter and early spring could spell trouble for local birds, plants, and farmers, say experts. All that warmth caused spring to arrive exceptionally early in the Edmonton region, reported University of Alberta plant ecologist Elisabeth Beaubien, who co-ordinates the Alberta PlantWatch program.

  3. Lakes created from scratch try to replace fish habitat in oilsands region

    Edmonton Journal - Compelled by government requirements, several energy companies with operations in Alberta’s oilsands have constructed fake lakes nearby to replace fish habitat their companies have destroyed. It’s not enough to dig a pit, fill it with water and leave, says U of A biologist Mark Poesch, who heads a high-tech project that attempts to optimize a so-called “compensation lake” for arctic grayling.

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Where are they now?

  1. Carleen Born

    BSc, Forestry, 2011 Wildfire Support Technologist I Intern, Government of Alberta

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