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  1. Andreas Hamann

    Faculty hosts annual awards celebration

    Six Renewable Resources staff members recognized for their teaching accomplishments

  2. William Shotyk

    Heavy metals in Athabasca River comparable to levels in bottled water

    Samples analyzed in newly unveiled $4.7 million ultra-clean lab

  3. William Shotyk

    Study shows no lead pollution in the oil sands region

    Findings contradict current scientific knowledge

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In the News

  1. Cash-prize coyote hunt no danger to animal population

    University of Alberta biologist Lee Foote says a controversial tournament in Alberta offering a cash prize to the team of hunters that can kill the most coyotes in one day poses no risk to the animal population.

  2. Attack of the pine beetle

    When the mountain pine beetle began blazing a path across forests in British Columbia and Alberta, nobody could have imagined the extent of the damage to come. Nadir Erbilgin, associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Forest Entomology in the Department of Renewable Resources is interviewed.

  3. Department chair at the U of A’s school of forest science and management tells a few things about Edmonton’s trees

    Many of the oldest trees in Edmonton can be found around the city’s core and Old Strathcona, according to Vic Lieffers, department chair at the U of A’s Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environment Sciences.

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Where are they now?

  1. Glen Dunsworth

    MSc, Forest Science, 1977 Ecological Consulting Entrepreneur

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